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DROUGHT - Water is Fundamental for Life and Health - 2005 ICS PYP Exhibition

The Causes of Drought

The Causes of Drought
The Effect of Droughts and Where They Occur
Surviving the Drought
Images of Drought
Lessening the Effect of Drought
How we Made this site

  A drought is a long period of dry weather, when no rain falls for weeks, months or even years. Many parts of the world expect drought every year. These are places which have dry season and a wet season. People plan for the drought by storing water and by growing crops that can withstand the dry weather.   


The effect drought on the soil

<P>&nbsp; <STRONG>No one knows&nbsp;for certain&nbsp;why droughts happen.&nbsp;They could be affected by ocean currents, by how moist the soil is, or by the shape of the land. Often when a drought does finally end,&nbsp;there is&nbsp;severe storm and heavy rain. Water rushes over the hard dry surface, washing away the top soil. This makes it even&nbsp;more difficult to grow grass or crops in the future.&nbsp;&nbsp; </STRONG></P></DIV>

This articale by: The Drought Team