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DROUGHT - Water is Fundamental for Life and Health - 2005 ICS PYP Exhibition

The Effect of Droughts and Where They Occur

The Causes of Drought
The Effect of Droughts and Where They Occur
Surviving the Drought
Images of Drought
Lessening the Effect of Drought
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One of the effects of droughts are dryness and lack of water. They  are most commonly known to be in Africa. However, much of this is changing and Europe is facing one of its longest droughts since the 1990s.  

Lack of water means less irrigation for the crops, less drinking water, less water for hygiene, and less hydro-electricity. In developing countries droughts cause bad disease, famine,and death.

Most people think of droughts happening in the deserts of Africa and Asia.  But droughts occur in Europe as well.  In fact, Spain is among the countries suffering from the worst drought since 1990.  Other countries in Europe facing water shortages include Scotland, western Russia, Denmark, Norway and Germany.


This is what is left from a creek in Spain.