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DROUGHT - Water is Fundamental for Life and Health - 2005 ICS PYP Exhibition

Surviving the Drought

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Surviving the Drought
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Useful information about drought

How can Plants survive Drought?

Plants react to the droughts by slowing down water intake and conserving the water they have. Grass is a good example to explain this. During a drought, you will notice that the grass turns into yellow hard grass. Believe it or not the grass is not dead. Instead, the grass went into half in sleep so it stops growing and conserves water. Water is crucial to a plant´ s survival, from the smallest plant to the biggest oak tree in the forest. Water is very important to a plant because of the water they make their food what is called photo synyhesis.They make it by the sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Without water to assist this process the plants won't grow and will eventually die. So to conserve the water they do have desperately need to get through the drought they don't grow so fast and goes half a sleep.

Deciduous trees have their own drought survival mechanism. Their tactic is to drop their leaves early to conserve the water they have. All the leaves have a opening what is know as stomata when it rains the water goes in the opening. But if there is to much water in the leave some water goes out what is know as transportation. During dry periods when there is a lack of water the leaves will close there stomata so they won't limit the water they have.

However if they lost to much water they will wilted appearance.

During long periods without water, some of the trees will drop the leaves long before autumn and go dormant in an attempt to survive the droughts. Trees that will not drop the leaves each year, such as pines, hemlocks, and junipers, are better adapt to the droughts than the other trees.

How can Wildlife Survive Drought?

Times of drought make life very hard for living things. This includes wildlife. During periods of water shortages, ponds, lakes and others may dry up.

Birds are especially vulnerable during these periods as they require water for drinking and bathing while they get the water from the vegetables and fruits.

You can help the birds by putting out bird baths made from You can put them in any container but be sure that you put some stones inside the lid so the birds will have some places to perch while they are drinking.

The water level in the bath should be no deeper than 3´´ in the center and surface should be rough so the birds can maintain footing. Place the bath near a shelter, such as a tree. A tree is a good place because the birds need to have a place to sit after they have drank. Baths placed on the ground offers water for squirrels and other animals. But be careful if you have cats in your neighborhood! Remember to keep the water fresh, and dump the old water on the tree.

Camels are animals that can survive drought really easy in a land because they are desert animals. They can survive droughts here in Spain because they have a different system in there body. They don't sweat and they use very little water. When Humans breath we let some water from our body go. But camels breathe but they have a lot of hairs in the nose. So when they breathe the water goes back because of the hair and then they drink it after it goes in the nose. They can live a long time without water. And they can drink 57 liters in a short time. They have a thick fur that protects them from the cold days (or nights?) Many desert animals and insects survive by sleeping during the hot warm day. And when it's night they go out to find food. Most of the insects sleep and live under ground where heat and cold does not come in. Every animal has its own way how to survive

How can Humans Survive Drought?

Humans can survive drought too. If everybody helps in the world to conserve water , it won't be so difficult to survive a drought. Here are some things to read and do to conserve water. You can also transfer water from one place where, you don't need so much water to another place where a drought is. Here are the things that you can do!!!!


- If you use a bath fill the bath half way full.

- Take short showers and you will save a lot of water time

- Don't use the toilet as a waste basked. Throw the trash in a bin and don't flush the - - toilet when it is unnecessarily.

- Don't leave the water running when you brush you teeth or wash you hands and face.


- Use a bowl of water to clean your vegetables and fruits rather than running water over them.

- Do store drinking water on the plants when you want cold water.


- Use plants in your garden that don't need really much water.

- Don't give plants water during the hot day.

- Don't use water to clean sidewalks or driveways instead use a broom to clean it .